little pleasures…

I’m sitting in the solarium at my favorite coffee shop on late Friday afternoon. The large garage doors are open allowing a breeze to blow through. There’s not a lot of people in her now so it’s relatively quite except for the 80’s tunes playing on the speaker. The park across the street has a miniature old diesel engine train making it’s lap around the perimeter of the park every few minutes. The primary passengers are young children with their parents. I also see the occasional young couple riding along holding hands too. I have a great vantage point to watch traffic on the busy street in front of the coffee shop but it’s not as interesting as the waving children on the train. I’m sipping my “usual” a sugar-free/skinny white chocolate mocha on ice. I don’t remember when I started having an afternoon coffee on Friday but, it is pretty much a ritual now wether it’s procured at the drive thru window and enjoyed on my way home or drank at my desk while completing expense reports at the office. Today is a luxury for me. I have a few minutes to kill before I meet number #1 and exchange the kids. I’m relaxing sipping coffee and writing. It’s a good afternoon. This is a serendipitous pleasure.


What are the little pleasures you enjoy? Since writing the above paragraph and not completing this entry last week I’ve been thinking about little pleasures I enjoy and I think these were worthy of sharing with you dear reader. None are over the top and none are costly. Thus the title “little pleasure”.

Mani/pedi’s. I love getting my nails done at the salon. For years I have gone to Nail Spa religiously every two weeks to have my manicure and pedicure.  I’ve worn artificial nails and sported various lengths and shapes of nail along with designs of all kinds. I even have a #midweekmani tag on my Instagram feed and I had a ‘Nails’ board on Pinterest. Earlier this year I ditched the artificial nail and have been doing shellac. I am keeping my nails shorter and I don’t miss the long nails especially when typing.  I am that girl who, even in winter, keeps her feet sandal ready. Why? Because even if no one else sees my feet for weeks during the cold months, I do. For the longest I just considered this ritual one of many maintenance routines I did as part of being a girl and trying to look pulled together for work. Well at least that is what I tell everyone. Truth is I love the ‘me’ time. I enjoy visiting with the shop owner Jenni. I enjoy the hour of pampering that’s just for me. It’s nice to look at my red, pink, black or what ever color I’m sporting polish on my fingers and toes.


Scented Candles. There are plug-ins, Scentsy warmers, scented oils with reeds, Lamp Berger’, incents, room sprays and many other ways to make our homes smell good. I don’t think i could ever come up with a complete list and if I did the list would quickly become incomplete because manufactures know we like to fragrance our lives. My choice is an oldie but a goodie: scented candles. Back before I had kids I was a vanilla girl exclusively. It was my signature scent for the home. Then after the kids came along I got away from having open flames in the home for safety reasons. I tried plug-ins but theres no finesse with them. Then Scentsy warmers came along and I used and still do burn them occasionally. They are ok but the fragrance never lasted long enough for me. Nothing was as good to me as the flickering candle. Thankfully time moved on and now my kids are older and I have returned to my first love. Candles are both homey and welcoming. When I started burning them again I tried the cinnamon, latte, pumpkin pie ones which I REALLY like but they made me hungry. Not good for a woman who has struggled with weight for 12 years! I knew I didn’t want to make my signature scent vanilla again for a couple reasons. 1. the food smell 2. it was time to update, move on, make a change. After smelling several varieties including cotton, woods, musks, earthy and even margarita  I chose florals. My current fav is French Market by Tyler. It smells of roses, gardenias and je’ ne sa quoi? I shop around for different scents and have a little stash of candles always on hand. One of my evening ritual is to light candles after dinner when the kids and I retire to the living room for TV, games or conversations. On occasion my son has lit them for me. Perhaps he is enjoying this little pleasure as well? (or knowing him, he’s wanting to play with fire)08771a0953b65111d8642bbab75c2ee8

An Evening Treat. Shannon Ables in her book Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life writes about her evening ritual of having a cup of tea and a chocolate truffle at the end of her day. When I read this I thought to myself, “How delightful.” (seriously I thought those very words). I’ve always been a girl who enjoys a cup of tea especially in the evening and have often done so at bed time during the cold winter months but this idea of how Shannon has one dark chocolate peanut butter truffle with her evening tea struck me as something I needed to try. I have an enormous sweet tooth and night-time TV can be problematic when one is constantly fed images of food during commercials  but, alas I have been combating the urge to splurge as  I have a sweet  reward awaiting me and good piece of chocolate with a cup of tea is worthy of waiting for.  My choice of evening tea is chamomile or green tea. I go with the decaf varieties.  My chocolate comes from Copper Kettle. Their dark chocolate truffles are to die for. My favs are the chocolate, raspberry and black forrest.


Having small pleasures adds a little joy to each day.

Friends if you have a little pleasure you incorporate into your day I’d love to hear about it. Maybe even try? You can leave them in the comments on FB or on here.

Until next time I wish you well.

Daisies, Coffe and Chocolates,


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