Good morning dear friends, it’s Sunday, and I’m finished with my homework for class tomorrow night.  I’m sipping on my second cup of coffee.  My crazy dogs are running races around the couch and playing.  Right now I’m contemplating what to wear to church and if I have some workout clothes ready to wear to yoga this afternoon.  I have to say…life is good.  Being able to see the little things and appreciate them is even better.

Since the last blog post, my mind has been a twitter with thoughts on being the independent girl.  I have to say the universe is listening because an opportunity came along this week allowing me a glimpse of who she is, and who I can be.


Independent Girl. (borrowed from Pinterest)


Most of you know I’m not a big tv watcher.  I do tune in the news for the weather forecast in the morning, and I usually leave it on while I’m getting ready for work.  So, I was walking from the bathroom back into my bedroom, and I caught a commercial for Cinderella at the Walton Art Center this weekend.  An opportunity to see a Rodgers and Hammerstein production in my neck of the woods? I’m in.  Now, who to go with.  I called upon five friends including one guy friend.  I knew it was a long shot to find anyone to go with last minute notice, and I was correct.  All my girlfriends were otherwise engaged, and as for my guy friend… he didn’t have plans but said in the future, if I saw a play with topless women, he would attend.  Hmm, think I’ll file that with other “useful” information.


Glass Slippers are back in style.


I decided to go solo.  Notice I didn’t use the word alone.   “Alone” somehow has a negative connotation, as in lonely, and it doesn’t fit.  So Saturday morning after my morning gym time, I headed home to ready myself for my afternoon at the theater.  I even dressed up a bit, not fancy, but I did wear a dress.  I was going to see Cinderella after all. Can you tell  I was excited?  I felt so grown up, but in a different way than I’ve ever experienced.  Yeah, I work all over the place by myself in my job.  I live alone half the time.  I shop solo and do normal things alone, but this was attending an event.



Second row right in the middle. It’s crowded in here.



To many people, this little adventure will seem trite and not the least bit interesting.  but for me the former relationship girl, it represents a new chapter in my life.  I would have never done this a few years ago, maybe not even a year ago.  I would have been too into my head thinking about being alone, convincing myself you don’t go placed like the theatre without a date or a friend in tow.  Who would I have to talk to, and I’m not that familiar with downtown Fayetteville, and what do people think about a woman by herself out like that?  Blah, Blah, Blah.  You see where this line of thinking would take me, right?  I would have talked myself out of going.  Here’s the deal with the questions.  There are always people to talk with when you are out and about, and it you don’t want to talk you can always observe.  It’s interesting to people watch, very interesting.  We all have GPS on our phones so getting lost isn’t a huge issue provided Siri is having a good day.  Finally, people could care less what I’m doing; they are too busy worrying about themselves and their neuroses to be concerned with one woman walking into the theatre alone.



My Aunt Jessie. I love her so.



So, I went to see Cinderella solo.  No, I didn’t meet Prince Charming yesterday, but I wasn’t looking for him either.  I did, however, have a wonderful day and I even met up with my Aunt Jessie for dinner afterwards and enjoyed great conversation with her over Italian food.  Not a bad first solo adventure.  Next up, Denali?  Not, let’s keep it small for now.

Daisies, Coffee and Glass Slippers,




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