getting ready…

This past week went by quickly, but it also drug by.  I know it doesn’t make sense to me either.  There’s something about the waiting.  You should see my checklist of things I’ve done and of things still to do.  I’m less than a week out from surgery, and I’ve been trying to simplify things as much as possible for me and to help my temporary caregivers out.  Here are a few things I’ve done to prepare for the mastectomies, recovery, and why.

  1. I went to the resale shop and picked up a couple of loose button up men’s shirts.  Pullovers will be difficult to manage since I won’t be able to lift my arms much during the initial recovery.  I went with XL shirts to accommodate the bulk of the bandages.  Heck, I went with Oxford blue and pinstriped shirts to keep things classic. I’ll throw on some leggings and be good to go.
  2. Warm fuzzy socks, check.  Hospitals are cold.
  3. A friend gave me her Boppy pillow.  It’s a breastfeeding pillow.  I’ll be using it to rest my arms on while on the couch or propped up in bed.
  4. Since I’ll be sleeping on my back and not on my side, I ordered a pillow wedge.  I understand there is a lot of pressure on your chest.  Using a wedge should help.
  5. All beauty appointments have been taken care of.  No since having roots showing and my toes always must look nice.  I did ditch the color on my fingers, though.  A pulse oximeter has difficulty getting a read when nail polish is present. I got my legs waxed since it will be difficult to shave.
  6. I purchased a wand shower head to make things easier in the bath.  I need to get in installed.
  7. My house is clean, well it’s beyond clean.  Laundry is done but not put up.  Any volunteers to help me fold?
  8. My personal affairs have been put in order. It was different when I was married.  My husband would still be around if I died, but now I’m not taking chances.  No, I don’t think I’m going to die anytime soon.  I do feel better knowing it’s taken care of, though.
  9. The last thing I did was have a Boob Voyage party with my girlfriends on Friday evening.  It was a good night.  I needed some fun. It was a lively dinner with good friends and lots of laughter.


Have you ever been afraid you forgot something big and major when there’s a big event coming up?  That’s where I’m at right now.  Did I forget something with FMLA? To pay a bill? The list is endless in my mind.  If I had a thought bubble over my head it would contain a big check mark right now or the emoji face that looks disturbingly constipated.  Let’s end on that high note.  You can figure out which emoji I mean. Until next time…

Daisies, coffee, and chocolates,


2 thoughts on “getting ready…

  1. I had a double m in January. You can do this! Glad you had a night out with your friends. That was the best thing you could do. I’m getting closer to having permanent implants put in… So there is life after this! One day at a time. God bless.


  2. I know this surgery SUCKS, but after you heal, think of the good side…. No more worries & nice perky boobs ! So again I will tell you to Keep talking to God & keep the FAITH ! The defination of Faith is; “Something that takes you above this natural world.” When you use your God given Faith your destiny can not be changed! When you are born again God gives you a measure of faith. Romans 12:3. So use it & stand on it! Because God does not hold back on His promises. Know you are Loved by lots of family & friends, we All will be holding your hand during & after your surgery. when you head down to the O R just tell God ” I’m going to be ok, because you promise & I thank you now.”



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