the cult of mary kay…

Ok, so it’s really not a cult! (Let me just get that out of the way.)

I promise I don’t relate everything in my life back to having cancer.  Sometimes though we have life changing moments and the time line of our life somehow becomes, “before ___________ (fill in the blank) or after ______________(fill in the blank)”.  In reference to this post… I decided last summer while I was down recuperating from the first surgery (double mastectomies) that life was indeed short, and I needed and wanted to live each moment I’d been given to its fullest.  We never know how much time we are given on this Earth.  God may call us home before we are ready to go.  Knowledge like this comes at different times for each of us and under different circumstances.  Not everyone has a huge wake-up and live moment screaming in their ear, like cancer.  For some people that call may come as a whisper.  Whatever form the message takes, it must be heeded, because the call doesn’t go away.  There is something about knowing you want more from your circumstances but not knowing exactly what it is you are craving.



Adding a little sparkle to life. 


About a month ago, my friend Nicole invited me to come to her Mary Kay Team’s weekly get together.  Mind you, she had been inviting me several times over the last year to come and check out the products and listen to what the director was pushing.  I knew it was a recruiting thing, and I was not the least bit interested in Mary Kay.  I had tried it years ago when another friend of mine had jumped on the bandwagon to sell it. Keep in my mind, I knew there were other products out there that were just as good and cheaper, but I went to the event, with C&E in tow.  I enticed them to accompany me with the promise of going out for dinner afterward.



So I don’t think I look this glamorous with my mask on but you get the point.  I wish I had taken pictures of C&E before and after. 


So there I was, being a good friend, getting my facial, my kids a facial, and ultimately helping Nicole gain favor in her Director’s eyes.  I didn’t expect what I found.  The kids and I were greeted warmly and taken to our seats to begin our Mary Kay experience.  There were other MK sales ladies, Independent Beauty Consultants present.  The ladies were all very friendly and chatted with me, and my kids about everything under the sun.  Then we got down to business.  The kids and I were told we were trying out a new product, a charcoal mask that would clean out pores and refresh our skin.  So we cleansed our faces and applied a thick gray mask.  Yes, even my son tried it.  He had to take special care to avoid his beard.  We were told the concoction of charcoal which smelled lovely, like rosemary and peppermint, needed 20 minutes to work its magic. I thought to my self, ok, here comes the hard sales pitch.


Athena the Director began telling me a little about herself.  She was a nurse (like me) who became a Nurse Practioner (what I am working towards!), then worked years for the VA in Little Rock.  She began selling Mary Kay in her spare time because her she wanted to spend more time with her daughter who was already a consultant.  See, Mary Kay has a lot of functions for their consultants and they the mother daughter duo could attend together.  Athena already used the products, knew they were innovative and delivered on promises made by the creators, so selling it for fun was easy.  Made sense to me.fe13b13c787321331634a2dff9d4761b

Athena and Nicole next told me about the comradery of the consultants.  I’d already been observing this with the ladies present. She told me these women weren’t in competition with each other, no they were competing against themselves.  Mary Kay is made up of women representing a company backed by 54 years of experience, selling awesome products. They were supporting each other and celebrating themselves.  Ok, at this point I was getting little warm fuzzies.  Athena went on saying, yes there is money to be made.  Consultants earn 50% of what they sell at retail price.  There is room to grow your business as big as you want to make it or keep it small meeting your needs.  Athena firmly stated, Mary Kay sells itself.  You just have to get the potential client to try it.

At this point in the meeting, my face had gotten a tight feeling with the mask still in place.  It was time to wash it off.  Using warm water and a little scrubbing power I got it off.  Oh my goodness! My face was so soft and a bit tingly.  The kids’ reported the same.  I scrutinized each of their complexions (because I’m their mom). There was vast improvement in my son’s black head situation as there was in my daughter’s breakouts.  The redness on her face was gone.  The stuff worked.  We followed the mask with a moisturizing product, of course, I forgot its name. Next, Emma and I tried a little makeup.

I just couldn’t get over how well the mask worked. I had thought there was a lot of hype surrounding the products for nothing.  Seriously, think about it.  Mary Kay has bee around forever.  If the products are so wonderful why aren’t they sold in the store?  Why the parties and all the sells people?  And what’s with the pink Cadillacs?  So I asked.  What I found out was Mary Kay’s dream was to empower women, to allow them to have a business opportunity where you can get out of it what you put into it.  She always lived by the golden rule.  I also found out Mary Kay is number one for sales in the skin care industry for the past 17 years.  The company didn’t need four walls in a mall to do it either.  Impressive.



I could so rock this Caddy! 


I thought to myself as I sat there looking over Athena’s recruiting notebook, thinking this looks like fun.  I so can do this.  I love personal grooming (as anyone who knows me already knows this), and I love working with others and making someone feel beautiful is just a bonus.  (Plus I get to play in makeup and skin care with friends!)  Also, I was only out $100 if it didn’t work out, and I’d have the products in the starting kit to keep.  Here before me an opportunity to try something different than nursing.  This is right up my alley, I thought.  To the delight of my kids (they were seeing $$$ from the potential profits), and the surprise of my friend Nicole, I signed up to be an Independent Mary Kay Consultant.



Makeup and skin care courtesy of Mary Kay.  I’m loving it.  I used this on FB and Instagram to announce my business. 


After one month I’ve sold over $1500 retail, spent time growing my business, tried endless products and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I need more clients though.  I’m working my way through my friends seeing if they will let me play Mary Kay with them.  I hope I have takers.  Maybe one of my friends will feel the calling and sign up to be an independent beauty consultant with me.  That would be sweet!

Until next time my friends,

Daisies, coffee, and chocolate,



Your Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (yep that’s my website) (and my email, sweet!)



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