3 things I’m digging right now…

Current read…

You know how you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover?  Well, if the jacket of Red Queen hadn’t caught my eye back in 2015 I would have missed a fantastic series.  The stark white cover displaying a red blood dripping tiara made me look twice, and I read the inside cover.  Victoria Aveyard’s story of Mare Barrow, a red blooded girl in a world where those born with silver blood have special abilities, and rule those who don’t with an iron fist sounded like a rebellion waiting to happen.  I down loaded the audible book and dove right in.  If I had realized at the time it was going to be a series I probably would have waited until all were published, then downloaded to listen to them back to back.  Now three long years later after waiting rather impatiently for each installment (Glass Sword was next followed by Kings Cage), and devouring each as soon as they hit the proverbial bookshelves of Audibles. I just finished listening to War Storm, the fourth and final book in the series published on May 15.  If you like sci-fi, fantasy, war, love, friendship kind of books, I highly recommend the series.  I hope the books, which have already been optioned for movie rights become films. Of course, ugh then there will be more waiting for each one to make it to the silver screen. Well, at least I’ll already know the ending 😉


Open air markets…

(a couple weeks ago)

Bright and early last Saturday morning, my friend Danielle picked  me and Emma  up, and the three of us headed about 50 miles north on I-49 to the Junk Ranch.  Our first stop on the way was at Starbucks’s for much needed coffee.  Since we had agreed on getting an early start to stay ahead of the heat and humidity that comes with late spring weather in Arkansas, we needed caffeine.  With coffee in hand we hit the road taking us to Prairie Grove to seek out antique treasures.

Twice a year the Junk Ranch materalizes in a field off Centerpoint Church Road just out of the sleepy little town.  Vendors come from all over erecting tents creating a make shift village of shops selling antiques, found objects, junk, and what-nots.  The first thing you see when you turn off the main road is a big red barn right in the middle of what would be an otherwise empty field.  The barn adorned with a huge floral wreath, looks like a queen in the middle of her admirers holding court.  Even though we girls got there as the gates opened, it was getting pretty crowded.  Thankfully, a “Ranch Hand” offered us a ride via a gator to the ticket booth, and the entry line moved swiftly.  We did too.  I had a list in my head of furniture, plates, pictures, and linens I wanted for my home.  Systematically, Danielle, Emma, and I made our way (through I’m guessing here) one-hundred or so booths.  It was great.  I could have spent a ton of money , but I exercised a little restraint and made it out of there with a few key finds and money left over.   It was so much fun walking and talking with my girls.  The heat did catch up with us, but thankfully we were done looking by noon.

This Saturday morning I plan on going to my local farmer’s market in down town Fort Smith.  I’ll have to let you know how it goes.  The forecast is calling for another hot day, so you can bet I’ll be in line at the coffee shop before I hit the market.

thumbnail (10)

Alfred and me, Saturday morning at the Ft. Smith Farmer’s Market.

The Gilmore Girls…

Netflix is great, I mean like a pocket on a shirt kind of great.  I have gotten to watch so many shows, movies, and documentaries because of it.  Did I mention how much I hate waiting for movies, books, or series in general to make their way to to public?  Seems like I have (lol).  Anyway I have been watching and immensely enjoying not having to commit to weekly television grind, and I love it.  I know I can set the DVR to record anything at anytime but in the end you still play the waiting game.  My current obsession is the Gilmore Girls.  I honestly don’t know how I missed this delightfully well written, funny, yet heart warming series the first time around.  Is this the show that gave Melissa McCarthy her start?  I’ll have to google that.  Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel play a mother and daughter so close, you will be envious of their symbiotic relationship.  You as the observer see a glimpse of small town Americana, while watching a fiercely independent single mother raise her uber smart and perhaps future Harvard student (I’m only on Season 3).  It feels as if the village of Stars Hollow is a character rather than a backdrop for the story. I think what I like best about the Gilmore Girls, is the niceness of it.  It may sound a bit cliche’, but it is full of so much of what the world is missing.  A little kindness can go a long ways in life, and who knows a little nice may be just what the doctor ordered.


A side note: Netflix also revisited the series by making  The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a miniseries set 10 years after the wrap of the original series.  Of course I plan on watching it.

I hope you all have something you are enjoying right now.  Summer is almost here, and our schedules should be a little more relaxed allowing for a bit of fun.

Until next time.

Coffee, Chocolates, and Daisies,


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