something drastic…

Do you have a favorite month?  Well, of course, I do, duh.  It’s November.  Here are a few of the reasons I love it so.  First, have you looked outside?  The leaves are freaking amazing!  They I believe are at their height of color right now in and around Fort Smith.  Today I’ve seen reds, yellows, and oranges that are so brilliant.  I never have been able to make up my mind on if I like their display best on a cloudy overcast day, when the colors contrast vibrantly against the blue-gray sky, or when the sun is shining illuminating the leaves till they appear to glow from within.   I believe I’ll just take either, thank you.

Thanksgiving is in November, and as a wannabe Martha Stewart, I along with my Mother have a grand time planning and executing the perfect turkey dinner.  As a matter of fact, I had coffee with my mom this morning and we planned out the menu and calculated the guest list.  Yes, friends, this is our idea of a good time.

Cole, Emma, and I will put up Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It has been a tradition of ours for some years now.  My guy Alfred doesn’t really help too much with this, but he does do the outside lights later.  Please take a moment to note, we wait until after Thanks has been Given, and the holiday of gratitude has been celebrated before doing the Christmas thing.  I love all my holidays- separately.  It bugs the crap out of me how Thanksgiving gets all sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas.  I believe Thanksgiving like Halloween and Christmas deserves its month (well, almost month).  I digressed a little there, sorry.  I believe it only makes sense to get down the Christmas decorations when the Fall decor is being put up anyway.  Right?

Last but not least, my birthday is in November.  Yay me!  I love to celebrate it all month long.  Bring on the presents!  LOL. Well, this year I’m turning 47.  Yes… FOUR-SEVEN.  I feel like it is quite a milestone considering the events of the last few years.  Two years ago when I was handed the diagnosis of breast cancer, I wondered if I would still be here to celebrate 46 or 47.  I was faced with some very tough choices when it came time to make treatment decisions.  I went with the most aggressive options available, and you know what? I don’t regret them a bit.  I’m still here and not just surviving either.  I’m thriving.

Are you wondering where my something drastic is in this post?   Wait for it…  I decided this milestone year was worthy of embracing a change.  Dear friends, I’ve been blonde since birth.  I was a toe-headed kid, then as a teen, my hair got darker so the highlighting era began.  This was followed by the uber-blonde years of all over color.  It was some time during my mid-twenties I spotted my first white hair.  OMG, the horror.  Next came the birthing years.  Don’t mistake me,  I love my kids very much but birthing them absolutely sucked the life and color right out of my hair.  Ask my hairdresser.  She knows the truth.  My hair was like Frankenstein’s Bride.  It seemed to go white overnight.  It has been an uphill battle since I was 30 to keep my hair blonde.  Every eight weeks like clockwork I’ve had a hair appointment.  Some of my longest standing friendships exist because of my appointments!

Today, with the help of one of these friends, Ashley gave me a new more natural look.  Instead of blond highlights, we are transitioning my hair to its natural color.  I’m officially becoming part of the gray movement.  Happy Birthday to me. I’ll rock it.  It’s what I do.


Inspiration provided by Pinterest


See the rootage?  That’s Ashley getting started.


And the results.  There’s a lot of silver in it and some ash blonde. I love it!


Wishing you have a Happy November whatever your reasons may be,

A Fancy Farm Girl




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