3 small things…

It is Sunday morning, and as I sit here sipping my second cup of joe I thought I’d share a few things from the week that brought a smile and a sense of gratitude to my heart.

The first came courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service on Friday.  You see, my favorite blogger Shannon Ables’s second book was due to drop on November 13 (aka my birthday), and as a loyal listener of her podcast, I found this information out months ago.  So, when she offered her listeners a presale opportunity I decided to give my self a little early birthday present.  Well, much to my delight my signed copy along with a couple little surprises courtesy of Ms. Ables was in the mailbox Friday evening.  Dinner plans with friends and a 12-hour shift teaching with nursing students have put my reading plans on hold until now.  As soon as I’m done with this post I am turning me some pages.

We had our first cold snap here in Arkansas this week.  Can you say brrrr?  Oh my goodness.  Our temperatures can go from the sixties and lower seventies during the day down into the lower forties within a day’s time.  While forty degrees may not be a frigid temperature, it certainly feels like it when you haven’t had any time to acclimate to the change.  On chilly days, I love a fire in the evenings.  When we bought our home last year I had plans on installing a gas unit in the existing fireplace but we didn’t get around to it and started using the fireplace as it is. Now I wouldn’t dream of changing it.  My man is always willing to build me a cozy fire in the evenings.  Something about the crackling embers even brings my teenagers out of their rooms and into the living room to hang out with us. (Just another bright moment to make me smile 🙂 )



I love my fireplace. See the little pieces of bark on the floor?


I am totally digging this dark polish from my pre-surgery pedicure.  Nice feet are always a must and I’m sure everyone in the operating room stopped to admire its the dark almost berry, reddish, black color.  It is reminiscent of Chanel’s Vamp from several seasons back.  I posted this picture (below) on my Instagram with the caption, “A lady’s toes should always be well dressed when she goes to surgery,” prompted my surgeon to respond with saying he had gotten that color too.  See, I knew it was a good color.



See the black jack-o-lantern caldron?  Did I tell you my surgery was on Halloween?


Hope you have a great week.  Take a minute to enjoy the little things.

Your grateful fancy farm girl,



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