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Some bloggers do “5 for Friday” and others do “this and that” to share random likes.  Since this blog isn’t published regularly, and I tend to “obsess over” rather than just like new things like a normal person, let’s jump into my current obsessions.

First obsession of the week: Check out this leather tote from Madewell.  It is gorgeous.  The drawstring makes it a little different from every other basic leather tote out there.  Can you imagine the patina it will develop in a few years?  I MUST HAVE ONE.  And at $178 for the drawstring tote and $168 for the medium drawstring tote one of them will be mine.  Now to chose the color, tan or black?

Mary Kay’s new line of Semi Gel Lipsticks are the absolute bomb.  Long wearing, rich colors that don’t dry out your lips are a must during the dry winter months.  My favorite color hands down is Scarlet Red.  With its blue undertone, it helps to make teeth look whiter. Bonus! I’ve never been a fan of the 12-hour or longer wearing lipsticks. They always dry out the lips and require gloss application making it goopy, then peely (is peely a word? today it is) and ultimately ending up on my teeth.  As usual, Mary Kay’s price point won’t break the bank.  At $18 a tube, most anyone can afford to freshen up their look.

Knitting is a great hobby and although I haven’t been yarn obsessed for a long time I recently picked up the needles again.  My first project was a loosely knitted infinity scarf made for a friend as a Christmas present.  That project went so well I went back to the store and picked up a couple more skeins of the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn ($5 or less at Wal-Mart per skein).  It’s super soft and machine wash friendly.  Because it is a super bulky weight yarn, small project like scarves and hats knit up fast.  Few things are as satisfying as a completed craft project.

Ok, notice anything amiss with the above pictures?  Yes, it is my beloved Starbucks on the left, but what is on the right?  It’s not coffee.  No, I haven’t quit my favorite beverage completely.  Let me just say I have expanded my horizons to include a new favorite.  Here’s the story.  I got sick a few weeks ago with the flu.  During that illness, I didn’t want to smell coffee much less drink it.  Tea was soothing to the throat and to the tummy.  Now that I’m well, I am trying out all the different flavors Teavana has at Starbucks.  There are mango infused teas, green mint varieties, too many to mention here.  I like mine with a little honey.  Oh, one last thing on the tea, it is much cheaper than my coffee drinks.  Sweet.


Friends, I hope you enjoy my little list.  I’ve got a date with a certain young lady who looks a little like me.  We are running errands together this morning.  I hope you have a great weekend.

Until next time.

Daisies, (dare I say) Tea, and Chocolates,


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